Stand with Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has been heartbreaking.

While I do not have employees or partners in the region, I want to support refugees coming to Germany and the EU. I would like to give access to the resume builder for refugees for free (3-month access)*.

I will not check your identity for the time being and trust you not to abuse it. Resoume is not backed by VCs and is fully bootstrapped. Please keep in mind that all expenses are carried by me 🙏

How it works:

  • Copy the code StandWithUkraine
  • Sign Up Here
  • Head over to the Redeem Page
  • Apply the code you copied there

I hope that this will help refugees to find work and give hope for a new beginning in Europe.
My heart goes out to the people of Ukraine, their loved ones, and all of those affected ❤️

If you wish to help, more approved charities can be found on this page.
Thank you!

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Gobie Nanthakumar Founder, Developer, Designer and everything in between :)

* Can be extended if needed :)

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