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The Story Behind

When I started to apply for a new job (end of 2019), I put a lot of time and effort into my resume. After all, it is the first impression the hiring manager will get from me. I wanted to make sure it is a good one! Each application was unique for each position I applied for.
I applied for 9 different positions and got an 80% response rate with my resume. During the interview process, I asked why they decided to interview me, and the answer was almost always because the resume design caught their attention. They could see the effort I have put into it. And they could tell that the resume was tailored for their position.
After I told my friends about it, some of them asked me if I could create a resume for them as well. So I did. And we got similar results!

The Mission

I know a lot of people struggle to create a resume, do not know how to write, and how to design one. After I saw that it worked out so well for my friends, I decided to create a platform to help you to create a great resume as well. A resume to stand out from the crowd.
Resoume's mission is to help you advance to the next round and get you a step closer to your desired job.

The Team?

Well, it is only me. No team, no funding. Just a guy and his laptop.
For a long time, I wasn't sure whether it was good to show you that there is only one person behind Resoume or not. I thought this might give you the impression that Resoume is too small or not good enough. And because of that, there was no About page for a long time.
A year has passed now. It was just me at the beginning. But Resoume has grown a lot since then. It is not small anymore. Thousands of people joined.

Every feedback you gave me has helped me to create a better product for you.

Thank you for your trust ❤️
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Gobie Nanthakumar Founder, Developer, Designer and everything in between :)

Stand out from the crowd.

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