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Resume writing has been a difficult and tedious task in the past, but now with Resoume, you can provide your clients with a professional-looking resume in minutes. Resoume is an easy-to-use platform that allows professionals of all levels to create great resumes without any hassle or frustration. You can use our service as a white-label solution for your clients by providing them with the perfect resume they need to land their job.

Extend your service. Get more clients. Manage them all in one platform.
Here is how it works 👇


  • I will create a custom environment for you
  • You can adjust and customize the branding for your environment
  • You can also point your subdomain to Resoume
  • Use Resoume to manage more clients, save time and ease the whole process
  • The builder is available in: English, Spanish and German


Here is a demo video how the environment would look like.
You can also check it out at here.

Upgrade Clients

It's simple. You can buy codes in bulk. Each code represents one client.
Your client can create an account and activate their account by entering the code.
You can find more details about the packages here.

Custom packages are also possible.

Book an appointment if you want to get a custom overview 👇

Where Will It Be Hosted?

You will get a subdomain for your company and I will take care of the infrastructure. You can point your subdomain to it (CNAME support). Resoume could be running behind

Will I Get Future Updates As Well?

Yes, every package includes all upcoming features I am going to build. Missing a feature?
Let´s get in touch ;)

How Can I Give My Users Access?

You can either buy codes in bulk for your users to activate their account.

Will My Codes Expire?

Your codes will not expire. However, they are bound to the lifetime of Resoume.

Stand out from the crowd.

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