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What Are Recruiters Looking For?

This article will equip you with the knowledge to think like a recruiter. You will find out everything recruiters are looking for in candidates so you can land any job you want!

Want to land the job of your dreams but having no luck? This may be because you are thinking like a candidate and not a recruiter. To know what recruiters want, you need to be able to think through their perspective.

This will help you in understanding what they want and you will have a better prospect of landing the job you want. It is important to be updated with what recruiters look for as this keeps on changing.

What they may be looking, for now, they may not want next year. Of course, some things are building blocks of a good candidate that stay the same no matter what. That is what we are going to talk about.

Here is everything you need to know about what recruiters look for.

Your Drive To Succeed

Nobody wants to hire someone who won’t give it their all at work. People who are not ambitious lack passion and the drive to thrive. This lack of ambition can even be seen during interviews and while communicating with the candidate.

So, if you are not passionate about the job you are applying for then don’t apply in the first place. Lack of passion in it will keep you from succeeding as well.

Well-Designed And Formatted Resume

This is the first thing a recruiter looks at. You can only land an interview if you have a solid resume. However, many people lack the skills to make the perfect resume that captures the attention of a recruiter.

A research survey done showed that 71% of recruiters prefer resumes that are 2 pages. On the other hand, only 8% of recruiters prefer resumes that are one page.

This doesn't mean that you add unnecessary things just to get to two pages. You should have enough achievements and skills to impress the recruiter with your resume.

This is why you need one that is well-drafted and well-formatted. If you are unsure about making it yourself then use Resoume and you will have a resume that will capture the attention of any recruiter in no time.

It is the perfect tool for creating a resume that is well designed, well-formatted, and you can make it customised according to the specifications of your industry. What more would you want?

Your Skills Should Be In Alignment With The Job You Are Applying For

What is the point of applying for a job if you don’t even have the right skills to execute it? This is why you should always apply for jobs you know you can do.

The skills you have should match the job in your resume but this doesn’t mean that you copy it all. This will get your resume rejected. Word the skills on your own and make sure they are in alignment with the position.

As a general rule of thumb here are a few skills that most recruiters like the candidate to have:

  • Communication
  • Ability to work with a team
  • Ability to adapt to any change
  • Good and positive attitude
  • Thinking ahead and strategically

Do include these skills in your resume among many others as these are the foundational blocks of a good candidate.

Basic Interview Skills

So you have a great resume and you get an interview. If you lack skills in this area then you will be rejected. This is why as a candidate you must have the basic skills of acing an interview.

The first and foremost thing to do here is to equip yourself with knowledge about the company. Look for the current news of the company and then use this information to feign enthusiasm during the interview. This will make you look prepared for the interview.

Secondly don’t just sit there and nod. Ask questions as well. This will show that you are interested in both the company and the job. However, the type of questions you ask is important while nailing the interview.

Here are the top three questions that will give a great first impression:

  • What are the challenges that can be expected while being in this position?
  • Which metrics does your company use to measure success?
  • Is this position in alignment with the goals of the company’s future?

Show interest and ask these questions so the recruiter knows that you are genuinely interested in the job position.

Vamp Up Your LinkedIn Profile

Did you know that more than 93% of recruiters use LinkedIn to look for candidates? Even if you didn’t apply through LinkedIn, you still need to have a strong profile.

This is because there is a high chance that your recruiter will search you on different platforms such as these to get a holistic sense of your personality.

Update your skills on LinkedIn to match the job you are applying for and always stay active on this platform. This will provide you with even more opportunities and recruiters will be easily able to find you.


It is important to get inside the head of a recruiter so you can fully understand what they are looking for. Think like a recruiter and you will find all the answers.

However, the main qualities that almost every recruiter looks for include:

  • Passion and ambition
  • A great resume that is rich in quality content, well-designed, and well-formatted
  • Relevant skills for the job
  • Interview skills
  • A LinkedIn profile that matches your resume and personality

These are the key things. A resume is the first thing they notice so make sure you have a great resume by choosing our tool Resoume. It will provide you with a great resume that is clean, formatted, well designed and expresses you in the best way possible.

Save yourself time and effort and check out the tool. All you will have to do is answer a few questions and it will create the resume that is relevant to you and the job you are applying for in the best way possible. What are you waiting for then? Use Resoume now!

Stand out from the crowd.

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